ResCoM General Assembly and Advisory Board meetings take place in Cambridge

ResCoM General Assembly and Advisory Board meetings take place in Cambridge

On 8 and 9 June, the ResCoM consortium gathered at the Granta Design offices in Cambridge, UK, to discuss progress and align the activities for the next months.

Discussions focussed on clearly defining how the ResCoM platform will look and how users will be able to access the different tools and methods developed in ResCoM. The tools developed so far and how users will engage with these were presented to the whole consortium. A ‘sneak peek’ description of the tools in development will be made available on the ResCoM website in the coming months.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss how the case study companies are supporting the development of the ResCoM tools. Each of the four case study companies shared successes and challenges they have been faced with implementing ResCoM and the changes needed towards closing product loops. ResCoM will continue to document the case studies in detail to demonstrate the applicability of the methodologies and tools to other potential users.

As the final project outcomes will be available in October 2017, the partners participated in a workshop on how best to communicate these to a wide range of stakeholders, and discussed the different ways the platform can be tested before its release. The ResCoM consortium also had the opportunity to be one of the first groups to play the ResCoM Serious Game developed by TU Delft. The game - which introduces circular economy concepts in a playful way - will be made available publicly later this year.

The ResCoM Advisory Board joined the consortium for the afternoon of the second day to share feedback on the project progression and provide invaluable insights from their experience to ensure ResCoM can realise its full potential.

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