Related initiatives

This page gives an overview and links to projects related to ResCoM that may provide useful learnings, or share an interest in ResCoM outcomes.

European Union funded projects

Circularity Indicators

The Circularity Indicators project provides companies with a methodology and tools to assess how well a product or company performs in the context of a circular economy. It allows companies to estimate how advanced they are on their journey from linear to circular.

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Development of System Indicators for a Resource Efficient Europe is an ongoing FP7 project to develop and apply an optimal set of indicators to monitor European progress towards resource efficiency.

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European Remanufacturing Network

ERN is a European Commission funded two year project which encourages new businesses to take up remanufacturing and helps existing remanufacturers improve operations. The project's ambition is to increase the competitiveness of remanufacturers and create greater awareness of remanufacturing amongst the public and policy makers to increase demand and address barriers.

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PREMANUS is an FP7 project focusing on the distribution of information in the End-of-Life (EOL) recovery of products by connecting OEMs and subcontractors, with a special emphasis on remanufacturing.

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Other relevant projects

Nature Inspired Design

Compiled learnings from ten Dutch companies at the forefront of Biomimicry, cradle to cradle and design for the circular economy, offering free design tools towards circular design.

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Products that Last

Products that Last is an ongoing Dutch Innovation-Oriented Research Programme Integrated Product Creation and Realisation project focusing on the development of design tools for product life extension. 

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Research for efficient Configurations in Remanufacturing Enterprises is an ongoing bilateral Swedish-German project aimed at managing high variety and complexity in remanufacturing. 

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Sustainability In Remanufacturing Operations is an ongoing bilateral German-Polish project focusing on measurement based assessment and analysis methodology of remanufacturing systems during operation.

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