ResCoM penultimate General Assembly hosted in Amsterdam

ResCoM penultimate General Assembly hosted in Amsterdam

Ernie Cate

On 30 and 31 May, the ResCoM consortium’s penultimate gathering was hosted by Bugaboo in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Critical discussion points included progress on key deliverables for the end of the project, and key dissemination opportunities for the ResCoM tools and platform, when it is launched on 9 October.

The OEM market pilots, and understanding and capturing the experiences of the case study companies was the focus of much of the agenda. Interviews were conducted by representatives from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, TU Delft and KTH extracting insights that help to build the circular economy knowledge base, both academically and for businesses, and to help to inspire and support other businesses exploring new business models. 

A common reflection expressed by all the case study companies was the value of the development process for the ResCoM tools in terms of raising awareness around the design and business implications of the circular economy in their respective companies.

Deliverables until the end of the project will focus on presenting key outcomes of the project, demonstrating not only the value of ResCoM to those companies that participated, but also the wider applicability of ResCoM tools and methodologies to other OEMs.

As the ResCoM platform progresses towards its launch on 9 October 2017, details on events and project deliverables will be shared on the ResCoM news page and ResCoM LinkedIn group, and you can stay updated by signing up to the ResCoM newsletter.