Objectives and outcomes

The main objective of the project is the development of the ResCoM software platform: a collaborative decision-support platform based on product lifecycle management (PLM) and material information management software modules. The platform complimented by further circular design tools will help guide company decisions by illustrating the benefits of closed-loop product design in terms of economic impact, resource efficiency, CO2 emissions and energy use.

The software platform will be supported by other key outcomes:

ResCoM framework

ResCoM will develop a framework based on methodologies and circular design tools that take into account the complex, dynamic interaction between product design, supply chain management (integrated supply chains), business model development (closed-loop business models) and remanufacturing processes.

ResCoM industrial pilots

In four reuse and remanufacturing case studies, the pilot companies will be using the ResCoM software platform and framework to implement closed-loop product systems in their industries.

ResCoM best practices

The lessons learned from the four pilots will be used to develop generic guidelines for implementing ResCoM ideas, using the ResCoM software platform for companies in various industries.

ResCoM community and dissemination

The project will create a ResCoM community of manufacturers, design firms, reverse logistics suppliers and third-party remanufacturers who are interested in the project. The research partners will also submit scientific articles about the project which will be openly accessible to disseminate the project in the scientific community.