Loewe group develops, manufactures and sells high-quality home entertainment systems. The product range includes televisions, Blu-ray players, DVD recorders, hard disk recorders, multiroom systems, speakers and racks. With a trend shifting from individual products to complete home entertainment systems, Loewe characterises its products by a high level of adaptability to customer needs (size, sound system, control, design, multimedia features, etc.).

Loewe products aim to combine high-tech, design, quality, and ease of use. A high emphasis is placed on sustainable growth and systems are designed to last, with an emphasis on economic energy consumption. Modular technology, premium materials, precise workmanship and regular software updates all feature as part of Loewe's timeless design. 

Products or services in the ResCoM pilot


Loewe is investigating a successor range to its Connect range with the support of ResCoM. Testing the idea of using the television as a ‘platform’ for providing the user experience. The maintenance and especially the upgrading of the user experience becomes the new product, offered via product features. The aim is to create a product with new levels of customisability. 

Loewe is looking to integrate the outcomes of ResCoM into the business model and supply chain of the product line, adapting the design and materials used.

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Motivations for being part of ResCoM

Loewe customers demand an efficient and reliable high-class service, which is prompting thought around alternative business approaches.  

Loewe wants to explore the development of products for an extended life with the potential of upgrading their performance through software upgrades. As a result Loewe is looking for supporting business models and supply chain networks.

Main challenges

One of the largest challenges faced by Loewe is its position in the market as a premium brand label. Its products must therefore continue to offer the expected high quality through their new business models.

The rapid pace of innovation and changes in technology provide both opportunities and significant challenges for Loewe.